6 signs your furnace may need repair.
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6 signs your furnace may need repair.

It is very important to know the signs of a Furnace problem before you are left in the cold. Heating equipment rarely fail at a convenient time. If you identify any of the following 6 signs, it is important to call in an expert. Failing to do so can result in costly repairs down the road, or worse, catastrophic failure. In this event, a new Furnace installation can be much more costly than a proactive repair.

  1. The heater runs continually

In the even that your heating system always runs, there could be an issue with the unit, thermostat, or your home has a poor air seal. A furnace that will will cycle on and off again and again, running for just a few minutes, should be looked over and repaired if needed by a professional.

Check the system air filter to see if it is not clogged, which can lead to poor performance of the furnace.

  1. No heat output

It is a great habit to get in the routine of checking your furnace before the cold weather arrives. Cycle your heater on to see if there is heat output. If there is no heat output, it would be best to call a professional.

It is also very important to get a Furnace Tune Up once a year. This can prevent these problems before the cold weather arrives.

  1. The furnace produces a smell or odor

It is ordinary to smell a musty or dusty odor when turning on your furnace for the first time in a while, but if the smell continues, its a great idea to check your air filter and replace if needed. If you smell a burning odor when your furnace is running, turn your heating system off and call in a professional for heating repair. In the vent you smell gas, leave your home at once, and call your nearby fire department.

  1. Your carbon monoxide detector is triggered.

If you have gas features in your home, a carbon monoxide detector is necessary as a safety item. Carbon monoxide is a tasteless, colorless, and odorless byproduct from gas combustion. Carbon monoxide can be a deadly poison.

In the event your detector is triggered, shut down all your gas appliances, open your doors and windows to bring in fresh air, and leave the house. Call in a professional HVAC technician to test that your appliances are venting exhaust fumes properly.

  1. Loud noises when your furnace turns on.

The majority of furnaces run relatively quiet. With a radiator top heating system, banging or hammering noises can be common, but should not be too loud. In a forced air furnace, screeching or squealing sounds can can be signs that a blower motor needs adjustment or repair. Grinding noises, banging or loud pops are solid signs that your system needs immediate repair.

6.Your energy bill suddenly increases.

An increase of energy usage is common during the colder months, however a sudden spike can be a sign of a problem. If your utility company has not raised its rates, call in a HVAC company for an inspection of your system.

If you have any of the issues above, don’t hesitate to call us at LMI Heating & Cooling. We offer heating repair in Cypress and greater Houston Texas areas.

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